Event Management: Getting It Done with Fewer Resources

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The last few years have pushed us to redefine the ways we think about teamwork, communication, and collaboration; internally and externally. Now that we're getting back to in-person events, the way we work with clients, sponsors, partners, vendors, and teams that are around the world, is even more intensely focused on aligning around the goals and outcomes. With increased workloads, smaller teams, and reduced budgets, we need to develop new skills to see success. In this session, Karelle Gordon shares how she’s helped drive growth in this new way of working, and what it means to achieve growth with the teams and resources you have. You’ll leave this session with:

• Tips for effective cross-functional collaboration (even remotely!)

• Methods to help you set realistic event goals, achievable deadlines, and manage expectations of the C-suite, clients, and co-workers

• Ways to identify your key stakeholders and define what success looks like to them

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